Quality Policy

Recognizing the principle that the quality of manufactured products and services is a decisive factor that assures lasting success and optimal profits, we strive exclusively for activities meeting the requirements of legal regulations and customer expectations. We are perfectly aware that lack of the appropriate quality is the factor blocking us from winning the respect and recognition of the client.

The RENA Group believes in a strategic goal of achieving continuous increase of customer satisfaction via the services provided, as well as offering high-quality products.

Our goal is

Bearing in mind that the continuous increase in customer satisfaction with the quality of the products and services offered is a condition vital for the lasting success of the entire RENA Polska Group, we continue to engage ourselves in the implementation of this strategy by implementing the following goals:

  • Guaranteeing high quality of manufactured products,
  • Providing innovation and continuous improvement of implemented products and processes,
  • Increasing the level of satisfaction of our customers,
  • Raising the qualifications and skills of our employees.

Implementing the set goals is possible through:

  • Recognising the client's requirements accurately, as well as building mutual trust in dealing with the client through close cooperation within the framework of the products.
  • Selecting carefully suppliers and subcontractors that meet the requirements of our company in the scope of delivery of high-quality materials and services.
  • Reducing costs and continuously improving our work through the implementation of improvements and optimization projects.
  • Systematic training of our employees as well as creating motivating methods, thanks to which building a conscious and committed team with high qualifications becomes possible.
  • Improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System continuously and in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.
  • Estimating of opportunities, risks and defining contexts accurately.

The management of RENA Polska provides resources and takes actions in order to ensure that this Quality Policy - in her ever-updated version - is broadly known, understood and implemented by all employees, as well as available to all interested parties.

Assistant to the management
Karolina Kozłowska
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